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6400 West Hometown Boulevard, Muncie, IN, 47304


Vision for Growth: "10-10-10"

(10 years, 10 rooftops, 10,000 vehicles)

Core Focus: "Driving People Forward One Guest at a Time."

A phrase with so few words can say so much. This is our sole purpose, our cause, and our passion! We want it to ignite passion in all of us. We are driving our guests forward by helping them find exactly what they want in a car. We are driving people forward by ensuring their car is safe to drive. We are doing this one guest at a time. And our guest is always our top priority. We want their experience to be exceptional- every time. We don't get "ahead of ourselves." We give them the time necessary. We aren't a transactional company; we are relational company. In time our core focus will be embedded in our way of thinking.

Core Values:

While our core focus is external, our core values speak to our way of being; how we conduct ourselves not only with our guests but with one another. It answers the question of what we value in our team members. Values are based on feelings, perceptions, preferences and priorities. While they may be intangible, we can still identify those values that will help us DRIVE PEOPLE FORWARD, ONE GUEST AT A TIME. These core values are essential to how we work. The values will be integrated into our processes and we will translate our values into day-to-day workplace behaviors that can be identified, measured, supported and developed. We will hire, promote, reward, recognize and coach based on these core values.

Professional Growth:

How do we communicate with one another? Do we work with integrity? Are we honest? And can we admit when we've made a mistake? Are we receptive to others' ideas? Are we willing to grow and develop professionally in an effort to contribute to the good of the organization? Do we take initiative instead of waiting for someone else to tackle a problem? Hopefully you will see a theme around professional growth, initiative, integrity & humility.


Are we ready to help others? Are we supportive? Are we willing to work harmoniously with others? What is our attitude towards our work, and each other? Are we respectful of other's opinions? Do we have respect for one another? The competencies for this value revolve around teamwork, cooperation, respect and attitude.


Are we results oriented? Are we passionate? Are we focused on the end result to achieve a desired outcome? Are we loyal? Do we take accountability for our actions? How do we represent ourselves as GHA team members? Are we able to view issues from the GHA perspective? Results-oriented, accountability, and loyalty are the common themes here.

"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing." -Theodore Roosevelt

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